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Vasectomy is a surgical form of contraception in which part of the male vas deferens of sperm tube is separated and the ends tied off. The spermatozoa are thus prevented from travelling from the testes to the penis.

The failure rate as a permanent method of sterilisation is approximately 1 in 1000.

The operation could be a good decision in a person who has considered the question in association with his mate and has made an informed decision to permanently become sterile.

It is not an operation for the young who at a later date may change their minds.

Your sex drive and sexuality do not appear to be affected. However, if enthusiasm for a sexual relationship was not present before the operation, it is not likely to appear afterwards, unless the fear of pregnancy was a dominant factor in your sex life.

The operation itself is a simple one done under local anaesthetic requiring only a few hours stay in hospital. Shaving around the testicles and penis will be necessary before the operation. The vas deferns are sealed with heat from a diathermy machine. Alternatively, they may be tied or a section of the tube removed.

There will possibly be bruising of the scrotum after the operation and supportive underpants should be worn. Avoid heavy exercise for a week until things have settled down. Excessive swelling or pain after the operation may indicate infection and your doctor should be consulted.

Your doctor will advise regarding intercourse after the operation. However, you should understand that some sperm cells may have been present if the tube before the operation. During intercourse in the immediate weeks after the operation they could however produce fertilisation. Apart from this there is a rare failure rate early after the operation and later in the years ahead. Two checks will have to be made on your sperm count after 3 to 4 months before the operation can be regarded as successful.

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