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Stretch Marks in Pregnancy

Stretch marks are wide purple red lines which appear on the skin of the abdomen and breasts as the pregnancy develops with ever increasing stretching of the skin. Hormonal changes help the skin and ligaments to relax and stretch.

As the uterus becomes larger and the breasts develop the skin in certain women is not able to keep up with this rapid growth. The fibrous and elastic tissue in the skin is damaged and scar tissue is formed. As the stretching process increases, more scar tissue is laid down and the stretch marks increase in width.

In order to ease the strain on the skin during pregnancy it is sensible to wear a supporting bra and a comfortable firm abdominal support. An old elastic girdle with little support is not a satisfactory garment during your pregnancy particularly if you have a tendency to develop stretch marks.

After approximately 12 months, stretch marks will eventually fade to fine silver lines. Although no application has been found to improve their appearance normal good skin care is important both during the pregnancy and afterwards. Supportive garments should be worn as the scars are healing.

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