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Sex Therapy

Sex therapy is your way out when you find your relationship faltering on the physical satisfaction front. Sexual therapy is however not at all restricted to sorting out the problems of couples. It basically deals with providing solutions to a host of sex-related problems that can span diverse lives.

What Are The Problems That Sex Therapy Will Address?

To elaborate, sex therapy deals with the following kinds of problems:

  1. Non-consummation--its possible causes and the remedies
  2. Premature ejaculation and problems with erection that prevent you and also your partner from attaining that moment of divine bliss
  3. Low sexual desires that can lead to feelings of frustration and depression
  4. Sexual fetishes or fixations with objects
  5. Sex mania that almost borders on perversion
  6. Inconfidence with sexual acts
  7. Experiencing pain or severe discomfort while engaging in sexual intercourse

Going in for a sex therapy is not only about improving your sexual performance but also about helping one counter with the pains, both physical and emotional, wrought on by sexual assaults.

The Likely Patient Profile Of Sex Therapy

It is a common misconception that only married couples or couples within a steady relationship need to go in for a sex therapy. Sex therapy addresses a myriad issues that can crop up in the life of an individual, any individual for that matter.

A person confused about his sexual identity, that is whether he is straight-oriented or bi- or homosexual will benefit immensely from a sex therapy session. Puritanism may not be rampant these days but there are still a host of taboos attached with sex. With sex being regarded as something that needs to be swept under the carpet by many, people still harbor serious inhibitions about it. A sex counseling will help you deal with your sexual hang-ups and ensure that you can enjoy a more fulfilling life.

These days, the average age when one reaches sexual maturity is steadily decreasing. And yet there is also dearth of people who haven’t yet known what sexual intimacy is all about. These are the people in dire need of sexual therapy wherein they will be counseled on the ways and means to increase their intimacy levels, improve their sexual performance and shed the qualms when it comes to discussing sex with the partner.

An enhanced quality of life is desired by one and all. So whether you want to rock the bed or want your loved one to come of the trauma of a sexual assault, you have no better alternative than sex therapy.

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