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Sex and Disability

Sexual problems often arise for the physically handicapped but the biggest obstacle is prejudice! Sex in a wheelchair CAN be a reality. Paraplegia, quadriplegia and spina bifida are conditions which all interfere with sexuality by affecting function or sensation, but it is seldom that postural difficulty or deformity TOTALLY prevent sex in one position or another. Multiple sclerosis, or stroke are not insuperable problems.

Cerebral palsy or muscular dystrophy may cause muscle spasm, or rigidity of limbs, but working with a partner and a knowledgeable therapist the problems can usually be overcome. Sometimes artificial aids are useful.

Where intercourse IS impossible there are techniques for genital pleasuring using hands, mouth or even hair .... and in those with sensory loss there is often increased sensitivity of other parts of the body.

Amongst the biggest handicap is society’s outlook.

Love, sex relationships, children are all possible for the disabled, but seek help early. It is not necessary to rediscover the wheel - nor to allow self esteem to be eroded.

The disabled are people with normal sexual urges and needs which CAN be met. See your general practitioner, occupational therapist, or rehabilitation counsellor and talk it over.

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