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-Sexual enjoyment is one of the pleasures of life that is available to everyone, and ageing should not alter this.

Unfortunately many people still retain misconceptions and prejudices which have been long outdated. During Queen Victoria’s reign it was commonly believed that only dirty old men were interested in sex after the age of fifty, or that for a women the menopause, or hysterectomy, spelt the end of sexual activity. The reality is that, for many, reaching this age of life starts the time of greatest sexual fulfillment, for there is no need to fear pregnancy, and one is not constantly tired because of the demands being made by young (or not so young) children.

Older men can often maintain an erection more easily, and delay ejaculation or emission more effectively than they could when they were younger. Women learn new skills, and the number who can experience climax continues to rise with increasing age; at eighteen probably 90 to 95% of men have masturbated to ejaculation, for women the percentage who reach climax probably does not get to the 75 or 80% mark until they are in their sixties.

Young people, whether parents or children, often appear surprised to find that sex is still an important factor in the life of many mature people. Personal development programs an sex education in schools still do not get the message across clearly enough, “we retain our sexuality all our lives”.

People are almost ashamed to admit to an interest in sex as they get older, but everyone needs to accept that such behaviour is the norm. There are now a number of surveys which have been done which show that those who maintain an active sex life within their relationship or marriage are less likely to suffer from many forms of illness, and life is likely to be longer. As we move into the twenty first century we need to look increasingly at ways of improving the quality of life so that we may enjoy the leisure that the computer age has given us, consequently we need to learn more about our bodies and our sexuality.

Operations, such as hysterectomy (removal of the womb or uterus), or in men prostatectomy, may produce a brief period of difficulty, but good counselling and open discussion prior to surgery should ensure that this is only temporary but the experience will be different. A singer’s voice would change if tonsils or adenoids were removed, but it does not mean it would be less melodious or pleasing.

Lovemaking and pleasuring can improve considerably as the pressures of time, financial or other stresses fall away, and new sensual skills are learnt. Performance, in terms of intercourse, becomes less important - mutual satisfaction becomes the goal. For many of us as we grow older the sex act may be less frequent but the opportunities to share our bodies occur more often.

Touch is probably the least used of our five senses, and the one that is retained longest by most people. Sight, hearing, smell and taste are all lost to varying degrees with increasing age, so an ability to get the most out of physical contact and intimacy becomes increasingly important. The opportunities are only limited by our imagination, and whether we prefer to stroke, cuddle, caress, or massage is up to us. The sensation we get from skin contact is altered by the addition of anything to the process, for instance if you use body powder, talcum powder or dusting powder; the bathroom cabinet may hold moisturising creams or skin lotions and a visit to the larder may offer alternatives such as coconut oil, almond oil, maize oil or other cooking oil. There are even specially manufactured massage oils and gel

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