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The Cervical Collar is the "Gold Standard" for cervical spine immobilisation, superior even to other rigid collars in rigorous scientific studies.

Soft foam collars are potentially dangerous, in that they offer little or no immobilisation of the cervical spine and often provoke a sense of misplaced confidence in the safety of the neck.

Single Collar Sizes: Baby/Paediatric/No Neck/Short/Medium/Tall

The latest development is the adjustable collar, which incorporates all adult sizes and can be set for the appropriate neck size at the injury site.



Scoop Stretchers are another practical tool for safely moving a potential spinal injury.

Easily divided in half along their length, they can be "scooped" under the patient from each side and then locked together for rigid and stable stretcher transport.

Used instead of a Jordan Frame in situations where speed is important or the environment unsuitable.

Floating versions are now available.


Spine boards are used to secure and carry the patient either from the water or land.

On land, the patient is usually moved onto the board using a Jordan Frame or Scoop stretcher (once a Cervical Collar has been placed) and then secured using the straps provided.

In the water, these floating boards are positioned under the patient after a Cervical Collar is in place, and then secured using the straps provided.


A Head Bed is used with a Spine Board and Cervical collar to secure the head and neck in position onto the board.

Firm cushioning under and at the sides of the patient’s head are complimented by elasticised straps placed across the forehead and/or the front of the Cervical Collar.


Long a stalwart in the rescue services, this specially designed stretcher litter includes a unique flotation collar to provide maximum support in the water whilst protecting the patient’s airway.

Immediate Assistants has pioneered the use of this device in aquatic rescue, and specific techniques have been developed for it’s use.


The Vacuum Mattress is a new weapon in the treatment of Spinal Injury.

Shaped like a sleeping bag, and filled with bean-bag foam pieces, air is removed from the mattress using a special pump, providing a rigid support specifically moulded to the individual’s body.

A patient can be moved or carried in comfort and safety using this device.


The Jordan Lifting Frame was developed in Australia for the lifting of spinal injured patients with minimal movement of the head and neck relative to the body.

However, the Jordan Frame does not immobilise the neck, and is only used as a lifting device to position a patient on a transport stretcher.


Extrication Devices are traditionally used for securing a patient from a motor vehicle accident or in a situation whee the use of a Scoop Stretcher or Jordan Frame is not possible.

Theses devices can be slipped behind an injured person in a vehicle seat once a Cervical Collar has been applied, and then the patient moved with the head and spine immobilised as a single unit.

Both Adult and Paediatric sizes are available


Extrication Stretchers find their home in close-quarters where horizontal and/or vertical lifting is required (eg. Mines. Buildings, tunnels)

The patient is secured into the Extrication Stretcher after a Cervical Collar has been applied and can then be carried or hauled by as few as two attendants.

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