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You, Your Medications and Your Doctor

You and your doctor are a team when it comes to looking after your health, and especially with regard to medication. You must confide in your team-mate, even if you don't with your family and friends!!

The following issues should be discussed with your doctor to ensure that medication works best for you, as a unique individual.


Your doctor needs to know your complete personal and family medical history, especially in regard to

previous reactions to drugs
family history of drug allergy

People who have these elements in their history are more likelyto develop drug allergies themselves.

Make a list of all the drugs you currently take, give it to your doctor and keep it in a safe place at home (perhaps the medicine chest). Don't forget the following are also medications:

skin treatments
the Pill
cough and cold tablets and mixtures
asthma "puffers"
painkillers such as Aspirin and Paracetamol
sleeping pills
vitamins and minerals
herbal remedies
homoeopathic medicines
rectal cremes and suppositories

If you have a drug allergy or sensitivity, make sure EVERYONE knows: write it on a card in your wallet or wear a Medication Alert bracelet and make sure you tell your friends and family!!


It is important to report back to your doctor when prescribed a new medication, especially if your condition changes or worsens. Follow up appointments should not be missed just because everything seems OK: that information itself is important. Similarly, you should discuss your medication with your doctor if you are planning:

to travel overseas
major dental treatment
an elective surgical operation
to become pregnant
to breastfeed your baby
a major change in your diet or lifestyle (vegetarianism, elite sports competition)

If you have any questions at any time on any subject, no matterhow trivial: ASK YOUR DOCTOR OR PHARMACIST !!!


What is it called (ask for the Generic and the Brand name)?
What is it for?
How much should I take?
How exactly do I take it? (tablet, liquid, suppository, creme etc)
How soon should it work?
Are there any common side effects?
What do I do if I suffer a side effect?
Does this medication interact with any others, or with alcohol?
Can I still drive/drink/operate machinery safely whilst taking this?


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