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Weight Loss Drugs


The arguments for and against the use of weight loss drugs continues to rage on unabated. Both sides have valid points. However, scientific research has shown that in combination with a healthy diet and proper exercise, weight loss drugs do serve their purpose. But they may not be the right choice for each one of us seeking to shed some pounds. These are usually ideal for people who have health problems as a result of being overweight. It is only your doctor who can determine whether you are a candidate for weight loss drugs.

There are three primary factors used by physicians to determine whether weight loss drugs are for you. First, all other methods of weight loss should been tried and resulted in failure. Secondly, your BMI is greater than 27 and you have medical issues like obesity or diabetes. Thirdly, your BMI is above 30. The type of drug prescribed for you will also be determined after these factors have been evaluated thoroughly.

Along with diet and exercise you might succeed in losing anywhere between 5 to 10 percent of your body weight in a year’s time.  Before you begin taking weight loss drugs be sure to discuss the various side effects associated with them. Also ask about any long-term risks that may be associated with your particular drug. Benzene derivatives, laxatives, amphetamines, and appetite suppressants are the most common types of weight loss drugs in use currently.

Such drugs have been in existence since the late nineteenth century and have improved over the years. Continued research and development is on to make sure that they are bettered. Not many long-term studies have been conducted on the usage and effects of these drugs. Every day new weight loss drugs are being introduced in the market. The phenomenon is such that now such medication is also available for canines and felines!


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