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Tramadol Prescription


When a person goes to the doctor, they may be given prescriptions to help treat whatever is ailing them in addition to receiving the consultation from the doctor.  A Tramadol prescription may be prescribed by a doctor when a person is experiencing moderate to severe pain.  It is an oral medication that needs to be taken every few hours by the patient who is prescribed the drug.  Some people have become addicted to Tramadol and this is part of why it is so important to follow the directions on the Tramadol prescription to the letter.  It can be habit forming, and this makes the drug very dangerous for some people to take.  It is also important to follow the instructions because Tramadol can have a number of different side effects, especially if a person suddenly stops taking Tramadol without being weaned off of it.  There are brand names of Tramadol available as well as generic versions of the medicine.

A person can get a Tramadol prescription filled at a local pharmacy or at an online pharmacy.  There are many online pharmacies that will ship the medicine without receiving confirmation of a Tramadol prescription, but because the medicine can be very dangerous, it is recommended that people wait until they receive a prescription for the medicine before trying to treat the problem on their own.  A Tramadol prescription can allow a person to treat pain that comes from a variety of different sources and is available with or without a consultation from a doctor.  Some doctors can simply listen to a patient over the phone and write them a prescription, while others will want to physically examine the patient before they write the prescription.  This will be dependent upon the individual doctor and the relationship that the doctor has with the patient.


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