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Soma Carisoprodol


Soma carisoprodol is a muscle relaxer that blocks pain signals to the brain. This medication works to relax muscles and eases pain. Soma carisoprodol is generally prescribed to patients who have suffered an injury or who may have a muscle disorder. Soma carisoprodol is often used in conjunction with rest and therapy.

Many times over the counter medications will be given to someone who has injured themselves. If over the counter medication do not work to alleviate an individual’s pain than a stronger medication is needed. Prescription muscle relaxants, like Soma carisoprodol, are medications that should only be used short term. Prolong use of Soma carisoprodol puts a patient at risk of becoming addicted to the muscle relaxant.

Before a patient can be prescribed Soma carisoprodol they should discuss all of their medical conditions with their doctor. Doctors should know what other type of medications the patients take. This includes any over the counter medication, including vitamins and herbs. Patients should be asked if they are allergic to any medication. They should also be asked if they have any kidney or liver problems. It goes without saying that if a patient is pregnant or trying to become pregnant that it should be discussed with the doctor.  Breast feeding mothers should not take Soma carisoprodol because there is a chance that the medication can pass through into a woman’s breast milk.

Soma carisoprodol is manufactured in tablet form. When a patient is given Soma carisoprodol it is important that he or she understands the importance of following dosage directions. Most patients will be prescribed Soma carisoprodol three times a day and before bed. Patients are encouraged to drink a full glass of water when they take their medicine. Taking soma carisoprodol with food is not necessary. However, if a person experiences any stomach upset they can freely take their medication with food.  

Soma carisoprodol is an effective drug and it is also a powerful drug. It does have side effects that patients should be made aware of. These side effects could impair a person’s reactions and thinking. It is important that patients are educated about the importance of being cautious when driving or participating in any hazardous or dangerous activity until they know how their bodies will react to the drug. Alcohol should be avoided completely while you are taking a muscle relaxer. Alcohol can increase the sleepy effect of Soma carisoprodol and should be avoided. 

Patients should be told that if they miss a dose of Soma carisoprodol it is perfectly fine to take it when they remember. However, they should be instructed that they should not resume their next dose at its scheduled time. Patients will have to space their subsequent dose evenly and get on a new schedule.

Patients will be given literature with their Soma carisoprodol and they should be encouraged to read it. In addition to dosage instructions it also contains information on what to do if an allergic reaction should occur or if an overdose should occur. Symptoms of overdose on Soma carisoprodol include muscle stiffness, dizziness, fainting, seizures, hallucinations, confusion, vision problems, shallow breathing and a fast heartbeat. If a patient experiences any of these symptoms they should seek medical attention immediately.


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