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Serious Prednisone Side Effects

While Prednisone is a pretty helpful medicine when it comes to treating certain health problems that deal with inflammation issues that often come with a huge number of diseases, some of the Prednisone side effects that may result with the use of this kind of a medication may cause people to think twice before using it. Some of the not so serious Prednisone side effects you may experience include fluid retention, headaches, sodium retention and muscle weakness. An allergic reaction to this medication is also part of the list of Prednisone side effects that you should be careful of since this can result in difficulty in breathing and swelling of certain parts of your anatomy.

How serious the Prednisone side effects trouble a person is often dependent on the dosage and duration of the treatment with Prednisone. Some of the more serious and dangerous Prednisone side effects that have been known to affect those who are under this kind of a medication include cataracts, glaucoma, stomach ulcers, convulsions, the growth of a hump in a person's back (also known as buffalo hump), the worsening of those who have diabetes and even the possibility of becoming obese. Since this kind of a medication actually suppresses a person's immune system, the possibility of an increase in the number and severity of infections is there. Osteoporosis is also another one of the possible side effects of this drug, which is why people who are on this kind of a medication for a rather long period of time are often given supplements to help keep bones from fracturing due to such a side effect.

Aside from these physical Prednisone side effects, a person can also suffer from psychological Prednisone side effects. Included in the list of psychiatric disturbances that can be brought about by a Prednisone prescription is depression, mood swings, insomnia, certain personality changes and even the possibility of psychotic behavior.


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