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Phentermine Diet Pill


The phentermine diet pill has been around nearly half a century and it has been shown to be highly effective in treating weight problems. The phentermine diet pill is usually prescribed if the patients body mass index is 28 or higher, and it is prescribed for short-term use, meaning around 12 week The reason that Phentermine diet pill is not prescribed for a longer period of time is that the drug is an amphetamine which can be habit forming, Nevertheless, it has been shown that those who take the Phentermine diet pill have quicker, more effective weight loss, and many experience no side effects.

The Phentermine diet pill should not be confused with Phen-Fen,w hich was a combination of Phentermine and fenfluramine. This combination was not approved by the FDA, and was later pulled from the shelves because many people experienced heart valve problems after taking it. The Phentermine diet pill is safe when taken by itself. There is also a new combination called Phen Pro, which is a combination of the Phentermine Diet pill and Prozac. This combination is not meant to treat depression, but the Prozac simply helps the Phentermine work more effectively. There have been no reported problems with Phen Pro, although it is still “off label,” pending approval by the FDA.

The Phentermine diet pill was proven to be one of the fastest forms of weight loss, more effective than diet and exercise alone. However, a good health regimen is recommended for keeping the pounds off in the long-term. However, the Phentermine diet pill can help “jump start” one’ s weight loss program and can get the metabolism moving.

The Phentermine diet pill is available in many versions, such as Adipex, Fastin and generic versions of these drugs. The major difference between varieties is mainly the price, and although they may look different and have a wide price range, there isn’t a good reason to pay more for a phentermined diet pill rather than saving money and looking for the best value you can find.


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