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Nexium Side Effects Hyper-acidity Sufferers Should Note

Nexium side effects are probably not that pronounced in some people but there are those that do get the more bothersome and sometimes painful of the lot. There are Nexium side effects that do not do much harm or cause much annoyance in people, like the rashes, the dizziness and the headaches you may experience with the use of this PPI. There are also Nexium side effects that may require more than just tolerance, although these are pretty rare as compared to the above mentioned side effects. These more serious side effects of the drug called Nexium are also pretty rare, however if they do occur, a doctor should be consulted on what needs to be done to counteract these Nexium side effects or if you should shift to another kind of medication.

The more serious yet rare Nexium side effects that some people may expect from this stomach acid inhibitor include nervousness, muscle pain, leg cramps and even an abnormal heartbeat. There are also instances when a patient may experience such Nexium side effects like water retention and leg cramps. While the drug called Nexium does not carry any food restrictions, it does carry some drug combination restrictions. Included in the list of drugs that may cause adverse effects in a person when taken with Nexium are those with ketoconazole, supplements with iron, and medications with diazepam as well as digoxin.

People who take Nexium can also expect to suffer Nexium side effects like diarrhea, stomach pain, gas and dry mouth. A person can also experience allergic reactions to this drug and should be aware of it if he or she experiences such allergy pointing symptoms like rashes or hives, a difficulty in breathing or the closing up of one's throat and swelling in certain parts of the face. These reactions require the cessation of the intake of the drug and a visit to the doctor for further advice and help.


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