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Mirena IUD Health Risks and Mirena IUD Side Effects

Birth control has taken another step with the use of the hormonal IUD which is the Mirena IUD. However, some of the Mirena IUD side effects need to b scrutinized by those who are planning on using this type of contraceptive to help them determine whether they should use it or not. Some of the Mirena IUD side effects are often considered minor annoyances by those who are already using it but there are those who do get alarmed by these side effects simply because they are not used to these or they are not informed of such side effects.

The more common Mirena IUD side effects that users of this hormonal contraceptive experience include changes in menstrual flow and abnormal menstrual cycles. These Mirena IUD side effects often have women experiencing light to almost no menstrual flow. These abnormalities in the usual cycle that women experience every month are often due to the make-up of this IUD, since it is hormonal. There are also rather welcome Mirena IUD side effects, like the reduction of menstrual cramps during a woman's period. Also expected to happen at a certain percentage are acne problems, back pains and mood changes. There are also instances when a woman using the Mirena IUD can experience headaches and some tenderness in her breasts.

Some women experience Mirena IUD side effects directly after their gynecologist inserts this birth control aid in their uterus. The Mirena IUD side effects that are usually experienced after insertion include cramps and discomfort. The occurrences of pelvic infections are rare, however, but are a possibility and users may need to monitor themselves during the first few weeks of use of the Mirena Hormonal IUD. There are also chances of ovarian cysts forming with the use of this type of birth control but they have been noted to disappear after a while.


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