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The Common and Rare Lipitor Side Effects

Lipitor side effects that are considered common and not too troublesome include gas, rashes, stomach pain and headaches. Also included in this list of minor Lipitor side effects are constipation or diarrhea and joint and muscle pain. These Lipitor side effects are considered common and pretty tolerable since they are known to disappear or dissipate in a little while, however, while these Lipitor side effects may not pose much of a problem to the people who take this medication, there are a few, rather serious Lipitor side effects that people should be careful of.

These rare Lipitor side effects that people should try and be careful of can actually cause kidney failure and liver problems. The side effects that can eventually cause a person's kidney to fail actually has something to do with the person's muscles and the possibility that Lipitor causes such a breakdown of muscle tissue which then leads to kidney damage and failure. The Lipitor side effects that cause possible liver failure are due to the consumption of alcohol when the person taking the drug drinks alcohol against the orders of his or her physician. This combination is often pretty dangerous since this Lipitor and alcohol mix results in an increase in the triglyceride levels of the person in question which then leads to liver damage.

If a person is pregnant, Lipitor is a definite no-no since this drug can severely deform an unborn child. Breast feeding mothers are also told to stay away from this drug. For some other health ailments like diabetes, a particular muscle disorder or even an under-active thyroid, the use of Lipitor may be restricted by your doctor. People who are also on other forms of medication for other ailments need to tell a physician what other medicines they are on before going on Lipitor to further avoid the emergence of dangerous Lipitor side effects.


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