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Lexapro Side Effects: Just Superficial or Cause For Worry?

Lexapro side effects may be a cause for worry for some and not for others, depending on what side effects a person may experience which may depend on how much of this anti-depression and GAD medication they are ingesting and what other conditions a person may have when taking this medication. The most common Lexapro side effects people are bound to experience include nausea, fatigue, sexual problems that include decreased libido and ejaculation issues and insomnia. Other worrisome reactions that a body may have with the drug that may show up as Lexapro side effects include diarrhea, dry mouth and even excessive sweating. These are some of the most common problems people who take Lexapro may feel but these are not as troublesome or dangerous as some of the rarer Lexapro side effects that some patients may experience.

Some of the more troublesome Lexapro side effects people have to look out for include rapid ventricular heartbeat, kidney failure, hallucinations and even heart attacks. Although these and other more dangerous Lexapro side effects are less that likely to happen, there is still a slight chance that they can occur which is why precaution when taking this drug is advised. It is also wise to take a full medical background check to determine what other ailments you may have and what medications you are on that may trigger any of the more dangerous Lexapro side effects there are on the list.

Some of the illnesses, conditions and ailments that may not take to Lexapro that well include epileptic seizures, kidney diseases, liver problems and heart diseases as well as women who are expecting or even people who are diagnosed as being manic-depressive. People who have these physical and mental conditions need to tell their physician about them so that they can find alternate forms of medication aside from Lexapro.


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