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Generic Phentermine


Phentermine has been known as a fantastic weight loss medicine since the FDA approved it in 1959, and it has existed in many forms throughout the decades. It is more cheap and effective than most of its rival medications, and it is relatively easy to find generic Phentermine which has the same effectiveness but is less expensive than the regular drug. Generic Phentermine is available online or in conventional pharmacies and is almost identical to the main medication. It may have a different color or name, but basically, a person using generic Phentermine can expect the same results as they would from regular phentermine.

When you purchase generic Phentermine, you should inform your doctor or pharmacists of other drugs you are taking to avoid potential problems with drug interactions. If you order generic phentermine online, you can expect to receive your medicine in a few days or even overnight. Ensure that you are ordering your generic Phentermine from a reputable drug store, and be alert for scams which will try to sell phony drugs. Be on the lookout for a lack of oversight on who receives the medication and ridiculously cheap prices, since generic drug scams are very common on the internet.

Generic Phentermine is usually taken for about six to twelve weeks to “jump start” one’s weight loss program. It is usually prescribed for those who have a body mass index of 28 or above and who have tried conventional diet and exercise programs which have not been successful. While Phentermine has been shown to be more effective than diet and exercise alone in helping a person to lose weight, long term success depends on lifestyle changes, and it is essential not to become dependant on generic Phentermine. The medicine serves as a kind of launching pad toward permanent weight loss.


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