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What Cymbalta Side Effects Exist

Doctors who prescribe the medication known as Cymbalta to patients that suffer from depression and other mental problems that may lead to depression and anxiety attacks often warn these patients of the possibility of some Cymbalta side effects. These Cymbalta side effects that may emerge and manifest in the people taking this anti-depressant may be of little or no concern to some people; however there are those that do suffer more than others when these side effects emerge. The Cymbalta side effects that you can possibly shrug off include the usual drowsiness or sleepiness, nausea, minor headaches, loss of appetite and increase in sweating.

There are also other Cymbalta side effects that may not seem too worrisome but can be the cause of certain problems in the long run. Diarrhea, constipation, fatigue and urinary difficulties, among others, can lead to certain ailments that are associated with these side effects. Some people may also find these Cymbalta side effects frustrating, like the side effect that creates sexual difficulties, dry mouth and weakness. These are just some of the more common side effects that people who take Cymbalta for the treatment of depression can expect.

Of course, with these Cymbalta side effects, people are advised to refrain from certain activities that may lead to more serious problems. A good example of this is the advice to refrain from driving or doing strenuous activities after taking this kind of a medication. Since drowsiness and weakness are some of the side effects you can expect, doing anything strenuous or driving a car can be a source of accidents once these side effects kick in. There are also warnings given to patients who suffer from other medical problems aside from depression or anxiety. Mixing of certain medications with Cymbalta, like certain antibiotics, need to be scrutinized first to determine the change in dosage for safety purposes.


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