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Crestor Side Effects: What to Be Aware Of

There are a few Crestor side effects that people should be careful of and while there are not many that are associated with this kind of a cholesterol inhibitor, they should still be looked out for to help avoid any complications in a person's health that may stem from the use of Crestor. Some of the more common Crestor side effects that have been noted include a sense of weakness, a sore throat, stuffy nose, memory loss and headaches. Also in the list of less serious Crestor side effects are painful urination, stomach pain, constipation or diarrhea and nausea.

The more serious Crestor side effects that patients who take this drug may experience require immediate medical attention and these Crestor side effects include muscle pain, fever or flu-like symptoms as well as urine that are dark colored. You should also stop taking this medication and take yourself immediately to a doctor if you experience Crestor side effects like the swelling of some parts of your body, particularly your hands and your feet. You should also proceed to the nearest medical facility around if you find yourself with jaundice and chest pain as well as finding yourself with little or no urine after you have been taking Crestor.

These Crestor side effects should be watched out for and people on this cholesterol lowering medication should also know that the pill can also result in other problems as well. One of these problems is the medical condition that may result in kidney failure and this is when the skeletal muscle tissue breakdown. A person should be mindful of the Crestor side effects that he or she experiences. While these may seldom occur or if they do occur, may disappear after a few days, care should still be exercised and a trip to your doctor should help you get the reassurance and the advice you need with the use of this medication.


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