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Should You Body Build With Creatine Despite These Creatine Side Effects?

People who try to build their bodies into muscle-bound masses often know the positive and negative Creatine side effects they get when they use Creatine in body building. The positive Creatine side effects a person gets with this supplement includes energy production which helps increase athletic performance thereby increasing the person's workout time which then translates to bigger muscles. Also part of the positive Creatine side effects that a person gets from ingesting this supplement is the increase in the volume of a person's body, also called volumization. This is what body builders and mass builders like about the supplement and one of the main reasons why they take it.

While there are positive Creatine side effects that keep people happy to continuously use the products that are created with this substance, there are some negative Creatine side effects that people should also know about. One of the negative Creatine side effects that very few people may be privy to is the possibility of dehydration. This is due to the flow of fluid into the skeletal muscle for mass building. Proper fluid intake will help prevent this side effect from taking its toll on a person. More adverse Creatine side effects include gastrointestinal distress, flatulence and muscle problems like tears and strains as well as renal stress. You should also take note that low blood pressure can be another of the possible side effects that Creatine users may encounter if used for prolonged periods.

These adverse side effects can actually be avoided even with the use of Creatine if you are careful with what you ingest and how you use this supplement. Most people who suffer from these adverse side effects often do so due to the abuse of the substance coming from the need for fast mass building and muscle creation.


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