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Looking out for Possible Chantix Side Effects

People who wish to stop smoking sometimes use drugs to help them with their need to stop smoking. However, one concern that people may have with these drugs, like Chantix, are the possible Chantix side effects that may emerge when taking the drug. Chantix side effects that may be a cause of worry for people who take this medication to help them with their struggle with quitting smoking include nausea, sleeping disorders or sleeplessness and headaches and sometimes vomiting. Less worrisome Chantix side effects that a person may experience include constipation, gas and even loss of taste.

These Chantix side effects are not actually great causes for worry but they can indeed be rather troublesome or annoying for the person who is taking this smoking cessation aid. Most people who take this drug often brush off the Chantix side effects they feel simply because they can tolerate these small bothers in their drive to get the habit of smoking out of their system.

While these side effects may or may not appear in all Chantix users, there are other things that need to be noted before a person does take Chantix. These Chantix side effects that you may experience are just the tip of the iceberg and the real precaution that you should take is to tell the doctor of certain conditions you have and medications that you are already taking that may react adversely with the inclusion of Chantix in your system. Among the medical conditions you have and medications you are taking that you may need to mention to your doctor include kidney problems, asthma medications, insulin, blood thinners and whether you are pregnant or lactating. All these need to be mentioned if you have these or are taking these medications to alert your doctor to what needs to be done and whether or not you should be taking Chantix and how much of it you should take.


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