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Your medication is not just about having your doctor write out a prescription for you to take to the chemist. There are many things about your medication that you probably don’t know: say things like, how to bring down the costs on your medication bills and what are the rules to follow while you are under medication.

How to Reduce the Bills On Your Medication

This might sound a bit surprising but in the matters of cutting the costs your medication is not much different from the clothes and accessories that you buy. This is because the prices of many medicines and pills vary from chemist to chemist. And it would be a good idea to do some hunting around at the pharmacists (but of course, if you have the time for it) and form a concrete idea about the prices doing the rounds.

It is a common misconception that the relatively inexpensive generic drugs are a tad inferior when compared to the branded ones. It is high time that you realize that unless otherwise its use is advised against by your physician; there’s simply no harm in using a generic drug. In fact, unknown to many, law requires that pharmacists alternate generic drugs for the branded ones.

Your medication bills shoot up for another very common but not readily discernible reason: duplication of drugs. This generally happens when you are seeing different physicians for the same health complication. Guard against this, for it is a sheer waste of money when you are taking two kinds of antacids that do exactly the same thing. 

More or less on the same issue, you should also keep a strict tab on the results that your medication is bringing forth. If you find that much-hyped white pill hasn’t had your cough and cold problem improved even a wee bit then it’s high time you consult your physician at the earnest and discard it. Don’t wait for the next scheduled visit to the doctor.

If you know that you would be buying a particular drug in batches of 30, thrice over a period of 3 months then it is strongly recommended that you fill in the prescription and buy the whole lot of 90 at one shot. You will be saving up on a lot of money with this bulk buying.

Look for other ways and means to save on your medication. For instance if the extra-strength pill costs less then buy it instead of the one half its strength and cut it in half. That will be a lot of your precious penny saved. However, consult your pharmacist first regarding this idea for there are many pills that cannot be cut.

Drug companies frequently launch customer-friendly programs wherein drugs are given away at attractive discounts to people who are financially strapped. Keep an eye for these programs. They represent incredible money-saving options.

Similarly, consider the following option. These days there are many combination drugs available; say a pill that will cure both your sore throat and the splitting headache. These drugs come cheaper than having two different pills.

Precautions to Follow With Your Medication

Get rid of your pill-popping spree. It is imperative that you follow certain rules and regulations while you are under a medication for abuse of drugs can have fatal consequences.

First and foremost, follow your doctor’s orders strictly regarding the dosage of your medicine. Just because you are camping doesn’t mean that you can skimp on the pills. Similarly, just because the prom is nearing doesn’t mean that you will gulp down all the fever medicines that are around the house so that you get better quickly. But remember that medicines work only when they are taken in the proper dosage.

Your medication is something to be approached with extreme caution and prudence.

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