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First Aid

Unknown to many there are countless instances when first aid administered quickly enough has resulted in lives being saved. Tendering the first aid in many cases is more important than spending precious moments dialing the doctor or driving to the hospital. It is imperative that you know the situations where first aid comes into crucial play.

When Do You Need First Aid

Altitude sickness, which can occur at heights as low as 5,000 feet definitely merit first aid since untended, the afflicted person may develop fatal inflammation of the brain and the lungs.

Sometimes reaction to insect bites or peanuts stuck in the airway can cause the windpipe to become blocked. It is very important that he is tendered a shot of epinephrine, for this particular condition known as anaphylaxis can be fatal.

World Trade Center, Bali, Madrid. The spate of terrorist attacks has prompted people to take stock of a new branch of first aid called Battlefield First Aid. This discipline involves treating shrapnel injuries, burns, gunshot wounds, fractures and the like. In fact, knowledge about such aspects also comes handy in battlefield situations wherein it is not always possible to summon a doctor at the frontline.

There are not many who know that the excruciating discomfort brought on by muscle cramps can be relieved to a great extent with proper administration of first aid. And if you hover too much around the swimming pool, then it would be worthwhile to get a hang of the first aid techniques involved in treating diving disorders.

There are many first aid techniques that you should know, not only for yourself, but also to help the people around you. There are medical complications like heart attacks, hemorrhages and heat strokes that require immediate attention in order to negate the chances of possible disability and even deaths. And what is more these are situations that can arise virtually anywhere and everywhere, whether you are at the bank or walking down the street.

If you are a diabetic or if your loved one is one, then make sure that you know the first aid treatments of Hyperglycemia, or diabetic coma and Hypoglycemia, or insulin shock. These are potentially life-threatening conditions and warrant immediate medical attention.

Insect and animal bites and stings, poisoning by injection, breathing, or eating and conditions of gastrointestinal bleeding are some other medical complications that should be preliminarily treated with first aid in order that they do not reach alarming proportions.

Know at least something about first aid. Who knows when you would have to enact the part of a savior.

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