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First Aid Computer Based Training

With the advent of the Internet everything is changing, even how people learn things such as first aid. Here is the general criterion that must be met for a first aid computer based training program to be useful and informative:

  • The first aid computer based training program has a list of learning objectives that cover the basics of first aid. This will help guide the users and help them determine if they are indeed meeting the objectives of the course.
  • The program should have instruction for individuals who are not familiar with using a computer. In addition, the first aid computer based training program should be easy to navigate and a help option should be available on the program to help users.
  • The first aid computer based training program should use a range of interactive techniques, as well as media, to create the learning environment and make it authentic and life like.
  • The program that is used should be user friendly and accommodate computer users of different levels.
  • The program should be accompanied by resource materials such as workbooks, manuals or CDs that participants can view away from the computer program.
  • Users may learn at their own pace, yet there should be something in place that ensures the material in the program has been covered.

First aid computer based training is often used in addition to the general first aid instruction that takes place in the classroom. It is important that training that is done via the computer is reviewed by an instructor prior to any kind of certification being handed out to the user. If you would like to learn more about first aid computer based training to see if there is a class in your area you can contact your local Red Cross.

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