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Burn First Aid

Burn first aid is dependent upon the type of burn a person has. Here is a guideline that will help you determine the type of burn someone has so you can perform the proper burn first aid.

First Degree Burn First Aid

First degree burns only affect the outer skin layer and the layer of skin will not have burned through. The skin will be red, puffy and painful. You should cool the skin down by holding it under cold water for at least five minutes. If it is impossible to put the burn under running cold water, immerse the burn in water or apply cold compresses to it. The burn can be loosely wrapped in a sterile gauze and the individual can take an over the counter pain reliever. If the burn becomes infected seek out medical help.

Second Degree Burn First Aid

Second degree burns are marked by blisters. This is a sign that the second layer of skin has also been burnt. Do not break open the blisters and do not apply ice directly to the burn. If the burn is no larger than a few inches, treat it like a first degree burn. If the burn is larger than a few inches and it is located on the groin, major joint, face, feet, hands or buttocks, seek out medical help.

Third Degree Burn First Aid

Third degree burns are very serious. They can include muscle, fat and bone. Burnt areas may appear white, dry or charred black. Emergency medical assistance should be sought immediately. If the person is not breathing you may have to perform CPR. While you are waiting on the ambulance to arrive you should not try to remove any clothing which may be stuck to the burn. You should not immerse severe burns in cold water because the person could go into shock.

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