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After 10 to 14 weeks, people may also develop tolerance - that is, larger doses are needed to maintain the feeling of well being.

After 4 to 6 months of use, a sudden withdrawal from the drug may result in physical withdrawal symptoms such as tremours, agitation, stomach cramps and sweating. Medical advice may be needed to control or to avoid withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms may last for weeks or even months. Pregnant women or women considering having a child should discuss their use of tranquillisers with their general practitioner. There is evidence that these drugs may increase the risk of certain congenital malformations appearing in their offspring, as well as decreased responsiveness in newborns and withdrawal symptoms such as respiratory distress, feeding difficulties, disturbed sleep patterns, sweating, irritability and fever.

In interaction with alcohol and other drugs, minor tranquillisers have become a major cause of poisoning in Australia. The combined effects of the drug’s toxicity, confusion, depression, the large number of doses available per prescription and an individual’s personality characteristics may lead to inappropriate use such as attempted suicide.

For further information about tranquillisers, contact your general practitioner or the drug education body in your State.

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