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The Final Days of Heath Ledger

Today, actor Heath Ledger was discovered dead in his Manhattan apartment and police have yet to determine if drug abuse or overdose was the cause of death. At the age of only 28, the Oscar nominated actor may have died of a drug over dose.

The highly selective actor had been scheduled to begin work on a Fantasy-Adventure film to be directed by Terry Gilliam. The anticipated movie told the tale of a traveling theater troupe that enters into a bargain with the devil that allows them to guide audiences through their imaginations.

Production of the movie began just this past December in London and was set to move to Vancouver, Canada. But at 3:26 pm Eastern standard time he was discovered dead by his housekeeper prior to a scheduled massage. He was in his bedroom, surrounded by sleeping pills. The paparazzi descended on SoHo nearly immediately for details.

Ledger had just finished the film "The Dark Knight", the sequel to the new round of Batman Films in which he played The Joker. In recent years Ledger's Hollywood star rose dramatically after the immense success of the controversial film Brokeback Mountain in 2005. The Oscar winning movie also deeply affected his personal life as it introduced him to his future wife and co-star Michelle Williams with whom he had a daughter named Matilda. Though the the marriage ended in 2007 and today his family mourns his loss.

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Did Heath Ledger Die of an Overdose?

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